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    Seabird Migration


    At a larger spatial and temporal scale, we also study the migration of Northern gannets


    Round trip migrations of northern gannets (Morus bassanus) from (a) Cape St. Mary's and (b) Funk Island. Daily positions are color coded by month.  From Fiflield, et al. (2008).


    Weather and wind (red arrows) assisting fall trans-Atlantic migrations of northern gannets (Morus bassanus) from Funk Island (squares) and Cape St. Mary's (triangles). Arrow length is proportional to wind speed.  Fom Fiflield, et al. (2008).


    Coastal Migration of the Northern Gannet: North America and Europe/Africa


    Geologger data: Eastern North American gannet migration patterns


    Geologger data: Western European and African gannet migration patterns


    Transatlantic migration: From Funk Island to Western Africa


    Greater shearwater with a satellite tag being released for study.  For more info, please follow this link


    Recently fledged Northern Gannet at Cape St. Mary's with a satellite
    tag attached to its tail, antenna can be seen just about the water.  For more info, please follow this link


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