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Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

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Montevecchi B (2014) Ocean Conservancy – The Aquatic Blog [http://blog.oceanconservancy.org/2014/01/09/interview-dr-bill-montevecchi-on-oil-and-dispersant-effects-on-birds-wintering-in-the-gulf-of-mexico/]

Montevecchi B (2005) CBC Radio Commentary - Oiled Seabirds and Bill C-15

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Montevecchi WA (1999) Discovery TV Canada - Birds Eggs

Montevecchi WA (1999) National CBC Radio Commentary – Independent Observers on Oil Platforms

Montevecchi WA (1997) Discovery TV (Canada) – Seabird Ecology (4 presentations)

Montevecchi WA (1996) Consultant - BBC/National Geographic People of the Sea film

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Montevecchi WA (1994) Consultant - TV Ashini/Japan – Marine Ecology

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