about us

The Psychology Department,
Memorial University,
St. John's,
Newfoundland & Labrador.

course notes

a · p

behaviour coding / event recording:

  • birder, for working live, on an iPhone.
  • log, for working from video, using a web browser.
  • VSW, for working from video, on a Mac.

clock, which displays our time, using your zone.



grader, for processing .csv files from the scantron machine

graph paper: the most common types and colours

hardware address: needed for the wired network access forms.


people: personal home pages:
Try something of the form http://play.psych.mun.ca/~fred/

printer control.
TA's should have the password; check at the office.

printer control from linux

printing from your office computer; from a stick

pwm, the unix window manager.

q · z

rooms layouts: 2071, 3071.

rdp, but see ssh.


software advice


statistics links:


vnc, but see rdp and ssh.

web passwords