VSW: video stopwatch

This is an event recorder – an elaboration of stopwatch, and also a video player. The result generated is a list of time & keystroke; time means video time.

It runs under OS X version 10.9 (late 2013) or newer.

Download. [Build 2015.10.a]
Also available from Dropbox.

What can you do with it?

screen shot

screen shot


2015.10.a. Rebuild with new Xcode. Fix, data entry in go to.

2015.04.a. Rebuild with new Xcode. Fix, unintended play speed on switching back to video view.

2015.01.a. Fix, toolbar display of load time.

2014.12.a. Builds before this will fail to save transcripts for videos with non-ASCII names.

(Find the build label from the menu: VSW / About.)

  1. Earle, St. John’s, Canada.
    Started August 2014.