rdp cribsheet

RDP is a remote display system. The server end, installed on play, works in conjunction with the viewer, run on a PC.

get your viewer

  1. Remote Desktop Connection, built into Windows.

  2. remmina for Linux.

  3. Microsoft Remote Desktop, in the Mac App Store.

  4. ... and, for iOS, in the iTunes Store.

connect to ...


probably limited to on-campus.

finish up ...

as usual by by choosing exit in the Openbox menu. Or else don't, in which case you've parked your session. Within a time limit, you'll be able to go do other things, and then pick up where you left off.

Saving open files remains, as always, prudent!


is a desktop size smaller than the very common 1920x1280, that likely not hide your computer's local dock / icon bar / menu / whatever.


Here, /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini says, in part,

# Xvnc default 32 bpp will not work for spss 26
#              16 bpp will not work for rstudio 1.3
#              24.

A.E. Sep 2020