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    Educational Outreach Program

    Students from Memorial participating in educational outreach with students at schools on the Northeast coast, June 2005.


    During June 2005, students from Memorial University (Candace Rose-Taylor, Nick Record, Charlotte Goodyear, Chantelle Burke, Alejandro Buren; left to right) engaged in an educational outreach program involving presentations to high school students and local residents on the NE Newfoundland coast. Over 3 days, the students visited four high schools (encompassing students from 5 communities (Wesleyville, Lumsden, Musgrave Harbour, Carmanville, Gander Bay) and facilitated a meeting at the town hall in Lumsden. All the Memorial students are involved in research related to capelin and its importance in the ecosystem as part of a large, multi-disciplinary NSERC supported strategic grant. Since 2003, these students have been collecting their data along the coast, at seabird colonies (Funk and James Islands) and offshore from a commercial fishing vessel (Lady Easton II) and Canadian Coast Guard ships. The outreach program was designed to receive as well as to disseminate information, and to provide local students and residents with information about the role of capelin biology in the ecosystem, as well as to seek input about the research and environment. The presentations provided a detailed overview of the NSERC Strategic Research project describing the components of the marine ecosystem, the central role of capelin and how predators (particularly seabirds and cod) utilize and rely on capelin. The significance of the NE Coast as an important area to conduct this type of research was emphasized. A second outreach program is planned following the completion of the NSERC Strategic grant in 2006.


    Students from Lester Pearson Memorial High, Wesleyville, 6 June 2005.


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