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    April's Publications

    Hedd A. & Montevecchi W.A. (in review) Diet and trophic position
         of Leach's storm-petrel Oceanodroma leucorhoa during breeding 
         and moult inferred from stable-isotope analysis of feathers. 
         Marine Ecology Progress Series
    Garthe S., Montevecchi W.A., Chapdelaine G., Rail J.-F. &  Hedd A. 
        (in press) Contrasting foraging tactics of seabirds breeding in 
        different oceanographic domains.  Marine Biology
    Hedd A., Bertram D.F., Ryder J.L. & Jones I.L. (in press) Effects 
        of inter-decadal climate variability on marine trophic 
        interactions: rhinoceros auklets and their fish prey at 
        Triangle Island, British Columbia, 1976-2001. Marine 
        Ecology Progress Series 
    Hedd A. & Gales R. (2005) Breeding and over-wintering ecology     
        of Shy albatrosses Thalassarche cauta in southern Australia: 
        Year-round patterns of colony attendance and foraging trip 
        durations. Condor 107: 375-387. 
    Hedd A., Ryder J.L., Cowen L. & Bertram D.F. (2002) Inter-annual 
        variation in the diet, provisioning and growth of Cassin's 
        auklet at Triangle Island, British Columbia: Responses to 
        variation in ocean climate.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 
        229: 221-232. pdf - 356 kb
    Hedd A., Gales R. & Brothers, N. (2002) Provisioning and growth 
        of Shy albatrosses Thalassarche cauta at Albatross Island, 
        Tasmania. Condor 104: 12-29.
    Hedd A., Gales R. & Brothers N. (2001) Foraging strategies of Shy 
        albatrosses Thalassarche cauta breeding at Albatross Island, 
        Tasmania, Australia. Marine Ecology Progress Series 224: 
        267-282. pdf - 356 kb
    Hedd A. & Gales R. (2001) The diet of Shy albatrosses Thalassarche 
        cauta at Albatross Island, Tasmania. Journal of Zoology, London 
        253: 69-90.
    Brothers N., Gales R., Hedd A. & Robertson G. (1998) Foraging 
        movements of the Shy albatross Diomedea cauta cauta breeding 
        in Australia: Implications for interactions with longline 
        fisheries. Ibis 140: 446-457.
    Hedd A., Gales R. & Brothers N. (1998) Reliability of morphometric 
        measures for determining the sex of adult and fledgling-aged 
        Shy albatrosses Diomedea cauta cauta in Australia. Wildlife 
        Research 25: 69-79.
    Hedd A, Gales R. & Renouf D. (1997) Inter-annual consistency in  
        the fluctuating energy requirements of captive harp seals Phoca 
        groenlandica. Polar Biology 18: 311-318.
    Hedd A., Gales R., Brothers N. & Robertson G. (1997) Diving 
        behaviour of the Shy albatross Diomedea cauta in Tasmania: 
        Initial findings and dive recorder assessment. Ibis 139: 
    Hedd A, Gales R. & Renouf D. (1996) Can stomach temperature 
        telemetry be used to quantify ingestion by seals? A 
        re-examination. Polar Biology 16: 261-270.
    Hedd A, Gales R. & Renouf D. (1995) Use of temperature telemetry 
        to monitor ingestion by a harbour seal mother and her pup 
            throughout lactation. Polar Biology 15: 155-160.


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