rdp cribsheet

RDP is a remote display system. The server end, installed on play, works in conjunction with the viewer, run on a PC.

get your viewer

  1. Remote Desktop Connection, built into Windows.

  2. remmina for Linux.

  3. Microsoft Remote Desktop, in the Mac App Store.

  4. … and, for iOS, in the iTunes Store.

connect to …


probably limited to on-campus.

finish up …

as usual by by choosing exit in the Openbox menu. Or else don’t, in which case you’ve parked your session. Within a time limit, connect again, and pick up where you left off.

Saving open files remains, as always, prudent!

1800x900 …

is smaller than the very common screen size 1920x1280, and likely will not cover your local dock / task bar / whatever.


Here, /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini says, in part,

# Xvnc default 32 bpp will not work for spss 26
#              16 bpp will not work for rstudio 1.3
#              24.

On linux without Gnome, remmina may stall with the message Remmina plugin glibsecret (type=Secret) has been registered, but is not yet initialized/activated. Install and run seahorse.

You’ll see the message Warning: Remmina is running with a secrecy plugin, but it cannot connect to a secrecy service, which can be ignored.

A.E. June 2023