video event logger: help

This plays local videos. Load a video via the file picker (lower left) or drag a video into the player (upper middle).

Which web browsers work for this ?

but, perhaps surprisingly, not

Does slow-mo really work?

Generally, audio is muted outside the playback speed range 0.50 to 2.00.

How do I choose my code words?

.Bclickable buttons
.bclickable buttons
.Tclickable text (big)
.tplain text (small)
.rhorizontal rule

From setup / code editor choose the list number — 1, 2, 3, 4 — whichever looks least useful. Load the current setting, tinker, and save.

There is room for about 8 lines. You've done a good job if you can see everyhing you need to see without scrolling.

How do I save stuff?

Data is saved short-term through browser localstorage, which has the same lifetime as other browser data like cache and cookies — not much lifetime at all. Copy & paste for more dependable storage.

Can I make notes to myself?

The report is editable.

Can I work offline ?

Download this ; unpack ; find index.html ; open with ▶ ; choose your browser.

Known limits

Data loss is likely if you open the logger in more than one window.

A. Earle, St. John's, Canada. August, 2013.